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New York City

Stamina Jones

Tuesday 5pm Afterwork Wind Up Down Sessions

DJ StaminaJones

DJ StaminaJones From Bronx, NY NYC Influencer since 1987 I have a been of NYC's nightclub/party scene since 1987. I have worked at some of the most awesome venues in NYC's history including Red Zone, Palladium, Limelight, and Sound Factory. I used the pandemic to further my love of music by shifting gears and becoming a DJ.


I'm also part of the team at Fatherhood Matters. Fatherhood Matters is a program specifically geared towards working with dads in order to help reunite them with their children. We provide them with whatever assistance is necessary that helps them become the best men, and best father's possible.


You can catch me every Tuesday From 5 PM to 7 PM on for the Afterwork Wind Up Wind Down Sessions You can hear all of my mixes at For booking information you can contact


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