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DJ TECK started playing music in the late ‘70s. It was a great time when Disco was topping the charts, then was part of the transition into Funk, Soul, Synth Pop, the birth of Hip Hop, Freestyle, Club and House Music. As a denizen of the culture, TECK would frequent the places to be - clubs in NYC such as Roseland, Funhouse, 10-18, Bonds, Illusions, Bentley’s, and Zanzibar in Newark, to name a few. Music was his life.


Heavily influenced by DJs such as Jellybean, The Latin Rascals, The Animal, Grandmaster Flash and many more, TECK and his musical partners embarked on a mission to perfect their respective and unique styles. While one gravitated towards cutting and scratching, TECK focused on blending the music seamlessly from one groove to another. Together, they co-founded a collective of 3 DJs and 2 MCs named “Dynamic Sounds” that, along with all the crews in North Jersey, contributed to the explosion of the Hip Hop Culture we have today.


After decades of playing in local clubs, halls, and venues to packed party crowds, TECK went on a hiatus in the ‘90s to come back in the early 2000s after seeing a set of 1200s hooked up to a laptop via Serato software. He got on the turntables and the fire was lit! After immediately getting his setup together and with some business networking, TECK was back on the scene. This time, he turned his focus to a more commercial setting and started a professional DJ entertainment company that specialized in weddings, sweet sixteens, and corporate and special events at larger catering venues.


Although a lot has changed since TECK’s DJ career began, he still enjoys mixing the best music from the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s along with bringing joy to a crowd of any age, playing diverse genres of music to varied cultures locally and in the tri-state. DJTECK Entertainment is available for all types of private and public events in any setting including clubs. For inquiries, please contact: djteck@teckentertainment.com


“I’m DJ TECK ‘cause I'm the Technician... now check out my Technique....”


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