DJ TAB was born Troy Anthony Brown, and raised in Paterson, NJ by his mother and recording artist, Shareefah C. Abdullah, who was an avid record collector. "There was always music playing in the home," TAB recalls. Saturday mornings were the typical wake up, throw on some music, and start cleaning. All types of music was played; Jazz, Funk, R&B, Disco, Lite Rock... you name it, TAB heard it all as a child. 


As a toddler, TAB learned to play piano and organ from his mother, who is 'til this day, his biggest musical influence. At the age of 11, he heard rap for the first time and took to it immediately. He dabbled with rhyme writing for a little while until he met his fate. A record by his second biggest musical influence, GrandMaster Flash titled "The Adventures Of Grandmaster Flash On The Wheels Of Steel" changed the course of his life forever. "I had to learn how this guy made the song Good Times (by Chic) sound like someone was rubbing their hand across a balloon" TAB remembers. Then one day, his childhood friend Donnell McKnight took him to his brother's house, who was a DJ. Lo and behold, he was making that same sound. After Donnell (a.k.a. Kid Magic) saw how excited he was, he offered to teach him how to scratch. TAB immediately took him up on his offer. 


Here we are almost 40 years later, and TAB is still DJing and making people dance. TAB credits various people with his developement and exposure as a DJ in his early years. Of course, Kid Magic, also his childhood friend and "True Force" DJ partner Rasheed Shakur aka DJ Shakur (formerly Rock Master Shock), local favorites like Mix Master Mike, Super Jay, Louie Lou and DJ Phaze.


DJ TAB has played numerous clubs, bars and private events over the years. "I really miss playing at Paterson's very own Cheetah Club" TAB said. He's also been a favorite of local rappers for his on-time cuts, scratches, and rare breakbeats. TAB shouts out his faves like The Master Force, Prince Scientific, Omega Force, Superior J, and The Science Committee. Although a master of the digital DJ systems, TAB is still a vinyl digger that appreciates good music of all genres. That often translates in his style of play. You never know what you'll hear when DJ TAB is playing!