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David “DJ Papa Beatz” Berrios Bio Born and raised in El Barrio, Spanish Harlem NY David started spinning music at the age of 14. We would just set up in a park plug into a Lamp Post for power and we would do our thing. I had the privilege of growing up in the same neighborhood of a lot of the Great Freestyle artists TKA, Sa-Fire, & More, Frankie Cutlass and the Legendary now Salsa artist Marc Anthony. It was a great time. In the summer of 1986 I studied Recording Engineering at the Institute of Audio Research in NY and then went on to college to study Radio Communications. In 1987 the FSD Sound Production (FSD = FreeStyle Dancer) company was born with 2 of my best friends and fellow DJ’s Victor & JD. We would spin at parties and always had a great time. I worked the board for a while but then started to have a family and I needed steady work, so my love for music took a backseat for a while but the fever was always there. Fast Forward to 2012 my boy DJ Victor who continued to spin got me back into it. I bought a whole new setup and took over the basement. My daughters one day hung a sign on the basement door the stated Papa Beatz Productions downstairs and the name stuck. I enjoy playing all the old FreeStyle Classics and I hope those who listen to my mixes enjoy as much as I enjoy spinning them!