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Founder & The Original Old Schooler Monday Night 8pm


“DJNICE” has always been involved in music. His love for music started way back in 1979 when disco tracks filled the air waves. As a young man growing up on the streets of Paterson, NJ, DJNICE can distinctly remember having an interest in music that made people feel good and want to dance.

The Legendary radio DJ’s such as “Paco Navaro”, “Fast Freddie Colon”, and “Supa Rocin Mr.Magic” were a huge musical influence in his younger days….Local Street DJ’s Like Paterson’s very own “DJ Super Jay” and Bronx New York’s "Afrika Bambaataa", “DJ Kool Herc” and "The World Famous Supreme Team" have all played a major role in his decision to pursue his musical journey.

DJNICE’s teenage years were so full of house parties that it covered most of the Northern New Jersey area. DJNICE teamed up with his best friend “DJ Lou Rock” and together they created “Double J Productions”. There was no event too big or too small for the partners.

The Infamous “Club 203" located in downtown Paterson was clearly the making point. One of the most the humorous memories he has was not owning a car. DJNICE along with his friends transported disc jockey equipment, speakers, crates of records all walking the streets of Paterson on their way to the club.

The music that was played at venues like Roseland, Hearthrobs, Foxes, The Tunnel, Copacabana, Palladium, Latin Quarters and many more legendary New York City area clubs would fill his mind and soul.
DJNICE developed his music style and has been contracted to play at colleges, house parties, block parties, weddings, sweet 16, and much much more .
He has met many great people along the way all dancing to the beat of his music. The music he plays always rocks the house.

As a professional DJNICE received his first gig at Excalibur in Hoboken N.J. The opportunities presented to him were endless and took him into the big City to play along side DJ/Producer Mike Cruz, at “Krash” in Queens, NY.

DJNICE has played along with some of the very best DJs in the NY area. The good old days of being the Resident DJ at ‘Excalibur Night Club’ lasted about 10 good dance floor packed years. His musical interests will never slow down. He loves what he does – Music is his life!



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