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DaUnknownAdmin has enjoyed music from an early age. From listening to his mom sing as a child to being involved in chorus and band throughout his school years, he has always been part of music. He discovered DJing at the age of 14 and eventually went on to deejay at house parties, catering halls and even deejayed at an adult bar for over a year. At the age of 17 he took a break and went on to join the military. 
DaUnknownAdmin continued his love of music as a bedroom deejay, while at the same time developing a love for tech.  He quickly fell in love with building computers from scratch and teaching others how to use them. He also tried his hand at HTML, PHP, and MYSQL. Then a little thing called the “Internet” came along and changed everything.
DaUnknownAdmin was able to combine his love of music and tech to create and assist others in developing music-based forums, websites, and internet radio stations. His personal project: DaUnknownAdmin Mixtape Podcast is the only Freestyle Podcast to hit the Apple Podcast Top 100 in the Main Music Category and has over 100,000 plays/downloads. It features and showcases over 100 DJs and contains +300 mixes.


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